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Why the name “Powerhouse Branding”?

I like the strength of the word “powerhouse”.

What puts a brand into the category of “powerhouse”?

A product or concept that delivers on the brand promise consistently, supported by multi-dimensional marketing that continues to evolve and engage its consumers and makes me and you take notice.

Multi-dimensional marketing is mandatory today in order to capture attention, create engagement, excite, and ultimately drive customers to purchase.

Multi-dimensional marketing can include creating a story behind the brand, telling the story in entertaining and engaging ways across media platforms, building relationships with consumers using every tool available including entertainment, social media, mobile apps, gaming, publishing, live events, merchandising, promotions, retailing, product integration and good old advertising.

And the trick of propelling a brand to “powerhouse” status is to maintain seamless integration of the core brand throughout every activity

Some favorites:

Apple – from its revolutionary products, product integration in entertainment and “brand right” advertising to the nearly perfect retail store experience, Apple and it’s sub-brands consistently deliver the wow factor to passionate consumers all over the world.

M & M’s – creative advertising, customized product, a brand with personality, co-branding, merchandising, retail, and social media plus new product extensions including chocolate covered pretzel bits. Fantastic!

Star Wars – probably the best example of a true transmedia entertainment franchise. The story keeps building and building off the core, the entertainment will never end, and the merchandise opportunities keep growing.

Batman – if you look at where Bob Kane’s comic book story began in June 1939, and where it is today – it has grown across media and product platforms to a multi-billion dollar global franchise with the top super hero video games of all time – Arkham Asylum and the just released Arkham City, theme park rides all over the world, Mattel toys, a live show, the Nolan films, and the continual publishing of comic books, prose fiction and coffee table books telling stories and entertaining fans with ideas well beyond yet connected to Kane’s origin story.

Target – from attention getting advertising including a recognizable “target” mark, to co-branding with fashion designers and the first pop-up shop that launched the trend, no other retailer commands mass attention, discussion and loyalty like Tar-gay.

And the cool thing – there are always more ideas that can be built into powerhouse brands through well managed, integrated, multi-dimensional marketing.